Suikoden II (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order and is expected to ship Q3 2023.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack to KONAMI’s RPG classic sequel, Suikoden II! Released on the Playstation 1 in Japan 1998 (with North American gamers having to wait nearly a year later, and Europeans nearly a year after that!), Suikoden II built upon its predecessor by having its developers focussing even more on the story, creating an epic journey that featured over one hundred recruitable NPCs, complex characterisations and various forms of combat. Konami Kukeiha Club's score is - as to be expected - presented in as grand a scale as possible to complement the unfolding saga. Featuring bombastic, rousing themes and subtle melodies, the score is as epic as the game itself. Now widely considered to be one of the best RPGs EVER, Suikoden II is a cherished masterpiece with an original music score to match. Newly remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time, and featuring original archival artwork from the KONAMI vault, Suikoden II: Original Video Game Soundtrack is an unmissable piece of late 90s video game history, presented for an early 2020s audience to enjoy, finally.


Side A

1. Opening/Battle/Sorrow/Suikoden 2 Theme
2. Enemy Raid
3. A Will to Win
4. Results
5. Reminiscence
6. Street Performance
7. A Journey Adventure
8. Labyrinth ~ Penpe 2 ~
9. A Mighty Foe Appears

Side B

1. Nostalgia
2. Tension
3. Distant Star
4. Days Past
5. Moonlit Night
6. Passsacaglia With Chorus
7. The Fugue ~ Praise Be to My Master
8. Tactics

Side C

1. Ripples of Fate Carry You Away
2. Two Rivers
3. Bustling City
4. Orizzonte
5. Even Farther
6. Fighting Monsters, Again
7. Brought to Bay
8. Mad Luca
9. The Evil One

Side D

1. Gothic Neclord
2. Silver Wolf
3. ~Ending March~ We Will Always Be (108 Fates) ~ Coda
4. Triumph
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