GetsuFuma Den: Undying Moon - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP Standard Edition

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Estimated delivery: October 2022

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the debut vinyl release of the score to Konami’s latest game GetsuFuma Den: Undying Moon!

A reimagining of Konami’s 1987 Famicom classic Getsu Fuma Den, the Ukiyo-e style roguelike action Undying Moon initially made its debut last year in early
access, becoming popular amongst gamers due to its infectious gameplay and gorgeous Ukiyo-e art design. Now officially available for the Nintendo Switch, GetsuFuūma Den: Undying Moon is sure to become a videogame talked about for years to come, not least of all thanks to its remarkable soundtrack.

The score covers an entire gamut of modern video game music, from electronica to dub to metal with traditional hõgaku interludes - all wearing their Japanese folk music inspiration with pride - making this one of the most unique listening experiences in the VGM genre!

Presented on limited “Blood Moon” 2LP (an exclusive variant only available through Ship to Shore PhonoCo.), this release features three sides of vinyl that will undoubtedly whisk you away to an alternative Japan, a world of demons, monsters and ghosts, when played — but if that weren’t enough, side D is completely devoted to the original 1987 8-bit soundtrack to Getsu Fuma Den, making this its first physical release outside of Japan!

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