Do you ship internationally?  

Yes, we do! You can read about our shipping policy in the site footer.  


How does this differ from the KONAMI Style store that is already in place?  

We are heading in a more fan-focused way here. It is our goal to provide you with gear and products you've always wanted! This store won't sell games, but thoughtful merch related to our most beloved IP's. Apparel, figurines, jewelry and much more!  


How often will the store be updated?  

We will be adding new products periodically. Lots of them! If you want to keep up with the store, products and deals, you can subscribe to our Newsletter Service scrolling down to the bottom of the page.  

You can also send us an email to support@officialkonamishop.com and tell us what other product you would like to see featured in our store! 


What are the benefits of having an account? Is it possible to place an order without an account?  

Of course! You can use the guest option when checking out.   

Keep in mind that, by creating an account on our site, you will be able to keep a detailed summary of all your orders and enter multiple payment methods.  


How do I choose the right size?  

Please find the sizing chart on the product page. This is important as all products may vary. If you don't find the sizing chart of the product you want, please contact us at support@officialkonamishop.com. 


How do I know I have successfully placed my order?  

You will receive a confirmation email. Please check all your inboxes, including spam and the Promotions tab for Gmail users. If you don't find any confirmation email, please contact us.  


Where can I find my order ID?  

You can find your order ID in your confirmation email but also in your personal account order's summary, on your account page. Your order ID is important for you to track your order or any other request about your purchase.   


How can I track my order?    

You will receive a tracking number once your purchase has been shipped. If you don't get it, please contact us at support@officialkonamishop.com and we will provide it. 

Important info for international customers: Please bear in mind that USPS First Class won’t provide any tracking updates after the package is sent abroad. If you want to receive more precise tracking updates, we suggest you pick USPS Priority Mail or UPS as the shipping service. 

When will I receive my item?  

The estimated delivery time for domestic orders is 4-7 business days following order processing and production. 
Production times may vary depending on the product SKU and the amount of products in the order, but it can take up to 5 business days. Some products are in stock and ready to deliver. 
International orders are expected to be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks after the shipping date. However, their time of arrival depends strongly on the destination country and the clearance process. We strongly suggest you keep track of your package with the tracking number provided to see when you can expect your product to arrive. 

Important: We've noticed that shipments to the LatAm region and other parts of the world might take longer to arrive than expected. Every country has different laws regarding product importation and taxes for them. On top of that, countries have been greatly affected by the pandemic and have created strict protocols to face this situation. We can't guarantee your package will arrive within the original delivery date or that it won't be retained in each country's respective customs. 

That being said, once the order has arrived at its destination country, it is up to local authorities and the customer to take the necessary measures to get the order. 


What's the cancellation policy?  

You can find our Return & Exchange Policy in the site footer.  


I need to change my personal information. What can I do?  

For regular orders, address changes should be requested within 24 hours of the order being placed. After this, we can't guarantee we can change your personal information for that particular order. Please contact us at support@officialkonamishop.com to provide your updated details.  

For pre-order items, you might request an address change as long as it's before the shipping date. If you have any doubts about when your order will be shipped, send us an email. 


What if my package is returned to the sender?  

Some packages might be returned to us for different reasons, like an invalid address or failed delivery attempts. If you notice your package is being returned to the sender, please contact us to arrange a reshipment. Keep in mind that if the shipping address originally provided was incorrect, you will have to pay a reshipping fee. 
If you receive a notification about your order being sent back, please get back to us as soon as possible, as returned products can't be stored in our facility for more than 30 days and might be discarded after that. 
We don't give refunds for orders returned due to an incorrect address or failed delivery attempts, unless we can verify the courier mishandled the package. 

Important info about lost packages  

The Official Konami Shop is not responsible for any issue, loss or damage to the products once they are shipped. However, we are able to assist in filing a claim with the courier for a lost or damaged package. 

We strongly suggest to keep track of your package regularly to avoid any problems. 

If you placed an order within the US and your tracking number doesn't show updates for several days, please reach out to us within 30 days from the shipping date so that we can assist you with this issue. 

If you're ordering from outside the US and notice your package is stuck or there are no more updates in the tracking number after 40 days of being shipped, we suggest you contact your local post office about it. If they don’t have any news, the package might be awaiting customs clearance. As mentioned before, USPS First Class won’t provide any tracking updates after the package is sent abroad. If you want to receive more precise tracking updates, we suggest you pick USPS Priority Mail or UPS as the shipping service. If you don’t receive any updates about your international order in 60 days, please contact us and we will assist in filing a claim. 
Please keep in mind we don't provide any kind of assistance for orders that haven't been claimed for more than a year. 


What if I encounter an error in your site? 

If you experience an error while browsing in our store, try to clear your cache and cookies and refresh the page. If that doesn't work, we suggest temporarily disabling any browser add-ons you have running as they can interfere with the website. If you still have difficulties with the site after trying the suggestions above, please contact us at support@officialkonamishop.com. 


How do I contact you if my questions can't be answered here?   

You can send us an email at support@officialkonamishop.com and a customer support agent will get back to you soon. The Official Konami Shop team is available from Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm PST. 

How Our Discount Codes Work

15% Digital Download Discount

  • When you purchase a digital code from our shop, you will receive a 15% discount.
  • This discount applies to any product (excluding partnerships) that is added to the same cart as the digital content being purchased.

Newsletter Subscription Code (upupdowndown10)

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the code "upupdowndown10."
  • This code provides a discount on any product or pre-order in the shop, except for partnerships.
  • Limited to one use per customer.

Affiliate Discounts

  • Affiliate discount codes can be applied to any product or pre-order in the shop, except for partnerships.
  • These discounts help support our affiliates and provide you with savings on your purchases.

Important Notes
"Partnerships" refer to products that are part of collaborative projects or special editions with other brands or creators.
Discount codes cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts unless explicitly stated.
Be sure to apply your discount code at checkout to ensure it is reflected in your total.