We created the worlds. We helped build the memories. And now, we’re delivering the loot.

At KONAMI, we’ve always prioritized creating experiences that transform fans into the heroes of their own stories. And then inspire them to chase after new ones. And you did!

You hunted ancient vampires...even if it was a bad night for a curse. You dominated the Alien Wars. And hopped farther than any frog ever dreamed! You dance-danced to the beat of your own drum (and you DJ’ed it, too). And you learned the truth and charmed the Snakes - while pioneering stealth games right along with us. 

You grew up with us. And it turns out, we grew up with you, too. You, our fans, taught us what it means to be part of a community and love it so fiercely. You spoke, and we listened. 

Introducing: the Official Konami Shop. Inspired by - and created for - YOU.

It’s now easier than ever for fans to have direct access to officially licensed KONAMI products that have never been available before. Everything from usual fandom staples and classic collectables - to home goods and apparel.

The Official Konami Shop is partnered with and powered by video game creative agency, WAYPOINT - veterans in producing premium licensed swag and goodies at scale. So we’ll always have quality merch, excellent customer service, and a constantly expanding catalogue of gear and products from your favorite titles. And keep an eye out for new site features we’ll continue to roll-out in phases through 2021!

KONAMI has over 50 years of history with classics like Silent Hill, Suikoden, Metal Gear, Track & Field, Gradius, Contra, Frogger, Castlevania, ZONE OF THE ENDERS, and more. And now, fans have access to officially licensed specialty items, accessories, and unique collectibles across all our brands. In over half a century’s worth of unforgettable titles.