Top 10 Video Games T-Shirts Designs

Top 10 Video Games T-Shirts Designs

Top 10 Video Games T-Shirts Designs

Merchandise like Blood Symphony T-shirts is an effective promotion method for an upcoming game or to reignite the dying popularity of a game. Designs of Suikoden T-Shirts and other video game apparel play an important role in solidifying the image of the character or the gameplay universe. Graphic design for video game marketing is becoming popular nowadays. These days games’ pre-order bundle comes with a T-shirt and other merch goodies. The T-shirt helps spread the beauty of the in-game Universe. 

However, studios may not always be able to afford to design viral merch like Castlevania Go Back! T-shirt to promote each game it develops. That is why marketing agencies are a great option for graphic design and merchandise productions. Such agencies have a department for graphic designing that can help formulate the designs to be printed on T-shirts, brochures, and other video game collectibles. 

The marketing for the games has become competitive lately. There are massive events that see the attendance of thousands of fans coming from all around the world, wearing their favorite. The need for gaming merch like PES-T shirts has been increasing with multiple such booths in these events for the promotion of games. 

Many games like Contra have special goodie collectibles used to promote the launch of a new game or sequel. These merch goodies also help establish an ancillary income source for the gaming company. Gaming collectibles also help them create recognizable patterns and establish the lore, like the barcode on the back of Agent 47’s head. Usually, the target audience for the T-shirt merch like Pro Evolution Soccer T-shirt is the pre-existing fan base. 

Below we have compiled a list of upcoming games of 2021 and other games that are still relevant that could use a merch line to boost their popularity in the gaming community. Starting from the Norse mythology designs to sandbox designs for games like Minecraft, the list has it all. 

God of War-Ragnarok

God of War has been a gamer-favorite ever since it was released in 2005. In 2018, Santa Monica Studio, along with Sony Interactive Studio, launched the God of War (2018) as PlayStation 4 exclusive and reignited the passion for gaming within the Gaming community. 

Its sequel is set to be released in 2021 for the PlayStation 5. The launch of the game can be made fun with T-shirt print designs that include Kratos, the protagonist, along with his son. The video game is based on Norse mythology, which means the T-shirt design can also show the Norse Gods like Thor and Baldur. Such a T-shirt can end up becoming as popular as Castlevania Go Back! T-shirt

Hitman 3

Hitman, the dark, and the stealth-like series will bring out the eighth main installment. IO Interactive plans to bring back Agent 47 and new concepts and scenarios but with similar gameplay mechanics. The most popular graphic design for this video game is that of the suit printed on the T-shirt. 

This merchandise could come along with the pre-orders to boost marketing. Agent 47 is one of the most iconic character designs, and at times, the print of the barcode on the T-shirt is enough to make the merch identifiable.  

Halo Infinite

After a long break, Xbox game studios are bringing a new addition to the Halo series, with the release of Halo Infinite. The marketing for the series has been underway through the release of the Master Chief Bundle on Steam. Nostalgia is a powerful tool in branding and merchandising, the identity design of Master Chief with the spartan armor has been forever ingrained in the brains of every gamer. 

Therefore, game promoters can make T-shirts with the designs of the Master Chief. Just the design of the Helmet on the T-shirt is more than enough to make the product marketable. The new look for the classic weapons, like the needler, will make some amazing looking Halo merchandise

Gotham Knights

Capitalizing on the success of the Arkham Knight WB Games Montreal will be releasing the Gotham Knights that will feature more characters of the Bat-family, other than Batman. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood are set to make an appearance in the game along with the Court of Owls. 

The Bat-family needs no introduction, and Batman merchandise has always been a show-stealer. Creative agencies will have fun illustrating the bat family or individuals members of the family and their trademark logos on the T-shirts. 

Far Cry

Ubisoft Toronto is planning to release Far Cry 6 in early 2021. The game is based in Yara, a fictional Caribbean Island. The designs of Yara have been inspired by Cuba and will be the largest Far Cry playground to date. The setting of Cuba and the islands will make the Far Cry swag merchandise one of the best-looking merch out there. 

The gameplay has always been quite surreal. The cinematic title sequence trailer for this game was truly breathtaking. Therefore, T-shirts can boast the picturesque gameplay or of the main antagonist that is being played by Giancarlo Esposito. The Far Cry logo can also be printed on the T-shirts to make them look stylish.

Resident evil

The Resident Evil game series has been one of the classic zombie games. The Resident Evil Village is going to be the eighth installment of the series and will be made by Capcom. The games, along with the movies, have been massively successful, but there has been a lack of presence in the merch market

The lack of creativity can be overcome by designing T-shirts and other collectible merchandise to promote the game in various gaming events. The different types of zombies will make an amazing design on the shirts and will be popular amongst the fans. 

Among Us

Among Us, the indie game made by InnerSloth gained popularity during the lockdown, and it became the most downloaded game in 2020. The App screenshots were posted on every other social media platform. But with the relaxation of the lockdown, the popularity has been slowly dying. 

T-shirts with the designs of colorful astronauts are an innovative way to boost the downloads and bring the game back into demand. The astronauts are really cute, while alive and with a recognizable bone protruding out of the dead body. This makes the merch more popular among the young fans of the game.


The famous action role-playing game made by CD Projekt Red, Witcher 3, has remained relevant even after five years. The game follows the Geralt of Riveria on his journey. The game has become famous due to its expansive and glorious playground and an immersive gameplay experience. 

The T-shirts can boast the picture of Geralt fighting the monsters. T-shirts with Henry Cavill on it will help the popularity of the Netflix series as well. Alternatively, the monsters that the Witcher had to fight can also be printed on the promotional merchandise. Such designs will create the same effect as the Blood Symphony T-shirts

Cyberpunk 2077

The most hyped game of 2020 has been gradually losing popularity due to numerous bugs and other glitches. But that doesn’t mean that the gameplay is not appealing to look at. An ambitious project taken up by the CD Projekt Red is a visual journey based on a dystopian future. Thanks to the futuristic punk style, the T-shirts look beautiful. 

The photo of the city covered with neon signs, the swag of the NPCs, and the futuristic design of the in-game vehicles will make up superb designs for the T-shirt and will also help with the promotion. Also, the addition of Keanu Reeves as the protagonist with a metal arm will give the t-shit a more iconic look. 


Even after a decade, Minecraft has been able to stay relevant thanks to the constant updates by the game developer Mojang. Minecraft has been one of the cult classic games that are still being enjoyed by the majority of the gaming community. The T-shirt merch will only help solidify its position as one of the best games out there. 

The design may include various wildlife found in the game, such as pandas, dogs, cows, and sheep. The pickaxe will also be enough to make the shirt attractive to loyal fans of the game. The shirt could also be designed with Diamond armor and diamond tools such as the plow, the shovel, and the ax, all of which are iconic. The pixelated design of this game has been iconic.

Options for creating gaming merchandise

Merchandise creation need not be limited to something a game studio does. In fact, outsourcing these can be an even more profitable idea, as they get to save money while also capitalizing on the popularity of an existing manufacturer. Some of the sources that gaming studios can reach out to include creative marketing agencies, merchandise stores, and independent creators. These agencies can create viral T-shirts as that of Dance Dance Revolution T-shirts.

Once made, this merch can then be sent as press kits, and YouTubers can help with the game promotion. When these celebrated personalities sport the T-shirt of the respective games, it not only promotes the game but also increases the sale of merch, generating revenue for the company.

Merchandise plays a vital role in promoting a game. Be it the Final Fantasy XIV foam swords or a Halo Master Chief scale figure, the demand and love for gaming merch are never-ending. Loyal fans of a particular video game will always want to invest in swag collectibles. Therefore, designing T-shirts with unique elements of the game is a great way to create a buzz around it. 

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