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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance OST 1XLP


A classic of VGM, reincarnated. The Harmony of Dissonance vinyl soundtrack features a red and black LP. Don't miss this enchanting soundtrack selection!

Track List

  • Prologue
  • Title Back
  • Name Entry 2K2
  • Successor of Fate
  • Offense and Defense
  • Approach of Deplore
  • Luminous Moss Cave
  • Aqueduct of Dragons
  • Chapel Sky
  • Clockwork Tower of Causality
  • Demon Cave of Skeletons
  • To the Heart of the Devil's Castle
  • Beloved One
  • Sworn Follower of Darkness
  • Decisive Battle
  • Epilogue 1
  • Game Over
  • Incarnation of Darkness
  • Old Enemy
  • Epilogue 2
  • Successor of Fate
  • My-Pace Peddler
  • Pitch-Black Door
  • Night Head
  • VK2K2

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