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Sparkster Original Video Game Soundtrack


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the soundtrack to Sparkster, the acclaimed follow up to Rocket Knight Adventures. With Sparkster, Konami Kukeiha Club continued their winning streak of the Genesis/Mega Drive console, showing a complete and total command of the FM Synthesis sound chip. Featuring always triumphant, sometimes experimental compositions, the Sparkster OST shows a studio at the absolute top of their chiptune game.

Clear white Vinyl and featuring new artwork from Brooklyn based artist Rob Charleton.

Side A

1. Konami Logo
2. Opening Title
3. Keys to the Seals
4. Splash Screen
5. Stage Start
6. Kidnapped Princess Cherry
7. Ancient Ruins
8. Forest
9. Desert Pyramids
10. Air Battle
11. High-Speed Robot Battle
12. The Battle of Gedol

Side B

1. Middle Boss
2. Boss
3. Defeated Boss
4. Stage Clear
5. Battle with Axel Gear
6. Battle with King Gedol
7. Defeating King Gedol
8. Return of Princess Cherry
9. Ending Credits
10. Return of the Sword
11. Continue
12. Password
13. Game Over

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